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    As a large-sized central enterprise under the direct supervision and management of SASAC, China National Building Materials Group Corporation, adhering to the concept of "Making Best Use of Resources to Serve Construction", strives to practice the scientific outlook of development and builds our group into an enterprise characterized by  "Four Features" i.e. innovative and performance-oriented, resource-saving, environmentally-friendly and socially responsible. We always keep in mind the due responsibilities of a central enterprise by promoting a corporate culture of "Harmonious Coexistence with Nature, Society, Competitors and Employees", and caring for stakeholders’ demands like those of government bodies, investors, customers, suppliers, partners, social groups, communities and the public to realize the maximization of economic and social benefits.

    We fulfill our economic responsibilities by standardizing corporate governance, creating outstanding performance, driving restructuring and upgrading the industry;  we fulfill our environmental responsibilities by promoting energy conservation and emission reduction work and developing "New Materials, New Housing and New Energy Materials"; We fulfill our responsibilities for employees and the public through workplace safety, improving occupational health management, increasing employment opportunities and aiding the poverty-stricken and disaster-affected areas. In 2009, we joined the World Cement Sustainability Initiative Organization to continuously push forward the regional consolidation of cement industry. While reorganizing existing assets and increasing sector concentration, we exert strong efforts in technological transformation so as to lead the whole industry from capacity and output oriented towards more efficiency and value oriented.

    We make best use of our technological advantages in completing nine demonstrative programs and engineering projects featured by waste recycling, anti-seismic and energy-saving housing. We also actively perform our  social responsibilities of helping the poor as a central enterprise, strengthen the efforts to provide poverty alleviation aid to the designated sister regions, implement scientific, technological and industrial support in poor areas, and build a solar cell project in Chizhou. In the process of building a "2-type" society, we will continuously act upon the low-carbon concept of "adjusting structure, reducing energy consumption, optimizing resources and promoting recycling", and vigorously develop new building materials, new housing and new energy materials which are green and every saving, and guide the cement and glass industries towards a new development path featured with high efficiency and low emissions. We aspire to create a new situation of healthy development with industry peers through active elimination of backwardness, consolidation and reorganization, developing low carbon technologies, maintaining a healthy market and enhancing industry values.

    Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

    CNBM actively promotes energy conservation and emission reduction and reserves no efforts to build a resource-saving and eco-friendly enterprise. We improve energy efficiency by replacing outdated production techniques with new technologies and advanced equipments. We install low-temperature and waste heat power generation equipments in the glass and cement production lines to produce green building materials using industrial wastes. We vigorously carry out consolidation and reorganization in cement and glass industries to optimize the sector structure and resources allocation, which in turn contributes to the sustainable development of the industry and society.

    Supply of Energy-saving and Green Products

    CNBM is committed to provide the community with energy-saving and eco-friendly building materials, provide ample supply for state construction, and provide materials and technical supports for green construction.

    We continues to optimize industry chains, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and promote the added-value of cement products to be more commercialized, manufactured, specialized and high-graded so as to extend the industry value chain, reduce resource consumption and environmental load.

    In keeping the advantages of float glass manufacturing, we vigorously readjust the product structure by gradually increasing the proportion of high-end and deep-processing glass products like Low-E, TFT, solar glass, automotive glass, air glass etc.

    Building energy consumption (construction consumption, daily consumption, heating and air conditioning etc.) accounts for about 30% of the total energy consumption of in our society; building materials and structure systems are essential to building energy conservation. Through years of efforts, our Group has already developed a series of energy conservation systems, e.g. wall and ceiling systems constituted by gypsum board, keel, mineral wool board and affiliated products; windows and doors conservation, heating conservation, thermal insulation, green paints and so on.


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